We can help you to understand

and implement your NDIS plan

About Just COS

Just COS is precisely just that – Coordination of Supports… nothing else.

We are a team of coordinators on the Central Coast of New South Wales who have a range of experience and expertise. You will always be matched with a support coordinator who can meet your needs and who will always aim to exceed your expectations. 

Our team have found over the years that there has been a lot of conflict of interest with providers favouring their own direct support providers to others, this has made for many an awkward discussion should an issue arise.

With Just COS, you do not have this potential issue as the only service that we provide is Coordination of Supports.

Our Services

Support Coordination

Support Coordination is funded in your NDIS plan for a Coordinator of Supports to assist you to understand the NDIS and how to utilise your plan to get the most out of the funding that has been approved.

Your Just COS Support Coordinator will work with you and/or your support network to link with support providers to assist you to meet your goals.


Your Support Coordinator will assist you with:


  • Implementing your current plan

  • Monitoring budgets

  • Ensuring compliance with support providers

  • Planning for plan reviews

  • Gathering evidence for any changes in circumstance that may require an early review of your plan funding


Specialist Support Coordination

Just COS has an experienced Specialist Support Coordinator on our team. A Specialist Support Coordinator has experience and an abundance of training in dealing with multiple agencies across all departments to reduce complexity in the participants environment. 

Your Specialist Support Coordinator manages complex challenges that the participant may be having with:

  • Health

  • Housing

  • Justice services


Translating & Interpreting Service – https://www.tisnational.gov.au/

NDIS – https://ndis.gov.au/

NDIS Pricing Arrangements – 01/01/2022 – https://ndis.gov.au/providers/pricing-arrangements 

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